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FabSwingers: A Comprehensive Review For 2019

FabSwingers is an international community space made for swingers who want to connect with
each other. The site promises an easy way of finding like-minded individuals to engage in a bit
of unconventional sexual fun. This active member base of this website is large and active. And
it’s so popular that it has been occasionally featured on several news platforms.
Swingers can take advantage of this site’s features to organize their meetings with other
people. Today, an average of 70,000 users use this site daily. It has plenty of useful features like
multiple photo uploads and “partner swapping” functions. Read on if you want to learn more!
Member base: most users are based on the UK (500,000 users)
Member activity: 70,000 logins per day
Gender Distribution: 40% female, 50% male
Age Distribution:
 18-24: 5% female, 10% male
 25-34: 10% female, 10% male
 35-44: 10% female, 20% male
 45-54: 10% female, 10% male
 55+: 5% female, 10% male
Notable Features:
 You have to option of creating a comprehensive profile
 You can create an account with your partner or on your own
 The main premise of this site is for couples and singles to swap or swing partners
 This site doesn’t have fake profiles
 Members are very active and respond to messages quickly
 A majority of the members are polite and friendly
Through personal testing, we’ve found that this community is active when it comes to chatting,
sending messages, and webcam sessions. You can easily find plenty of people, regardless of the
time you log in. The number of male users is slightly higher in this site, but most of the age
range distributions are pretty even.

How To Sign Up
What you need to do:
 You need to have your photo verified (this can take a few hours at the most)

 You can’t upload more than one photo during the registration process, but you can
upload more after your account is approved.
Registering requires you to list your email address, gender, username, password, and other
general info. These questions are pretty straightforward and easy to answer. However, your
photo needs to be verified before you can access the site. You need to use a photo with your
face while you're holding a paper that says fabswingers.com and the username you want. This
can take 3 hours at the most, but this is necessary to keep the site free from catfishers and fake

Contacting Other Users
Notable Features:
 There is a live chat room with a useful live cam feature
 You can take advantage of the free search tool and its filters
 You can send messages to anyone who hasn’t blocked you
 You can either send a private message or chat with the person you want
 Sending a message is free
There are several methods in which you can contact other FabSwingers users. You can opt to
use the messaging or chat function, and you can even send them photos if you want. Aside
from private messaging, there’s chatroom that's open to all. And it's divided with different
locations in mind. So you can talk with other users near your area. There are also forums where
you can create new posts or add to existing discussions. Remember that moderators vigilantly
check these chatrooms and forums for any inappropriate content.
Important information:
 User photos are available to you after you pass the registration process
 Moderators manually check every photo for the registration
 You don’t have to worry about fake profiles or catfishers
 The profiles can be very informative and detailed
 You can access another user’s photo album through their profile
 You can change your personal information any time
 Anyone can view your profile picture
Many profiles have a lot of available information. Some will only have the general info required
for the registration process. The moderators take great care in preventing fake profiles through
their manual photo verification process. Before you can access the site, you have to upload a
photo with your face while holding a piece of paper saying FabSwingers.com, along with your
chosen username. Unless you're a photoshop expert, you can't fake this process. The available
profile info is comprehensive and allows a lot of room for customization. You can even write a

personal essay showcasing your personality, what you want, or who you're looking for. Profiles
also say the date and time a user is active online. Liking or "fabbing” profiles that you want are
also available, and this process encourages users to make their profile as entertaining or
informative as possible.

Mobile Application
This is by far the most significant drawback about FabSwingers – it’s only available through your
browser. So it doesn’t offer the convenience of a mobile dating app. Hopefully, in the future, the
developers will expand their product for a mobile audience. For now, though, you can only
access FabSwingers on your laptop or computer.

Usability and Design
The site’s design is simple and straightforward, so anyone, regardless of their tech-knowledge,
can quickly get into it. It might seem lackluster for some, but it still boasts a full set of
functionalities underneath that simplicity. You can easily access every feature from the site’s

Pricing is another factor where FabSwingers really shines. Unlike other dating apps, this one lets
you use all of its features for no extra cost. Here are some of the functions you can enjoy with
your FabSwingers account:
 Private Messaging
 Chat Function
 Group Chatting
 Live Cam Sessions (Showing and Watching)
 Album Uploads
 Forums
 Photo Sending
 Friends List
 Liking Photos And Profiles
 Sending “Winks”
 Fake-Profile Free Space
 Comprehensive Search Engine With Filters
 Club Directory
 Status Updates

Since every function on FabSwingers is free and available to every user, the site doesn't have
"special features" that users can buy with cash. All you need is to accomplish the registration
process, and you’re all set.

Overall Rating
 Sign Up Difficulty: 6/10
 Contacting Users: 8/10
 Profile Quality: 8/10
 Mobile Application: n/a
 Usability and Design: 8/10
 Pricing: 10/10

Regardless of whether you’re single or part of a set, you can have a lot of fun in FabSwingers.
This site lets you connect with like-minded people and create enjoyable experiences for both
The most notable feature we love is it’s free to access all features and the fact that there’s no
fake profile in sight, so you don’t have to waste your time conversing with someone and ending
up disappointed. The chatting, forum, video, photo, and profile functions are very
straightforward and easy to get into. Censoring is also not a problem, so you can show off (or
enjoy looking at) as much skin as you want.
If you want a simple dating site that accommodates every age group and gender, then you’re in
for a treat with FabSwingers.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Security Concerns
 Is this website safe?
FabSwingers manually verifies each account through extensive photo verification procedures.
 Is uploading my photo really necessary?
Yes. There's no way to bypass this. Photo verification is one of the only methods one can easily
verify your identity.
 How do I have my photo verified?

You have to upload your photo with a paper saying FabSwingers.com along with your username
and wait for the moderators to check your photo.
 Will my personal identification be safe?
According to the creators, FabSwingers doesn't release photos and private info of its users to
any third party organization.
 How long does photo verification take?
It can take a few hours at the most.

2. Usability Concerns
 Does FabSwingers have a mobile app?
Currently, FabSwingers doesn’t have a mobile version, but they do have a web-based app that
you can access through your mobile’s browser function.
 Is there a limit to the number of photos I can upload into my album?
Yes. You can only add six photos each day with a photo limit of 36 for every album.
 How do I watch chat cams?
Open the Chat function and click the camera button that’s right beside the username of a
member if you want to watch them.
 Is there a limit to the number of people who can use one group chat?
No. You can have as many people as you want in a chat.
 How do I find the chatroom for people within my area?
Just find the chatrooms with the state or country that you want. Regardless of where you’re
from, you can enter all of these chatrooms.
 Can every user directly send me their private messages?
Yes, provided that you haven't blocked them. This rule also applies to your account. You can
send anyone a message as long as users haven't blocked you.

3. Membership Concerns
 Does FabSwingers cost anything?
No. This site is free to use if you’re account is successfully registered.

How do I delete my account?
Press the account function and look for the delete button
 Can I rejoin FabSwingers if I delete my account?
Yes, but you have to register again and wait for your new account to be approved.

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